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Now THIS is fast food!

The fruit bowl is stocked. The cupboard has nuts and seeds of all sorts. The refrigerator has high quality cheese, plain Greek yogurt cups and cut up veggies and fruits of all sorts.
Previously my idea of fast food was processed granola bars, candy bars or junk picked up at the convenience store or checkout counter at the grocery store. Or worse yet “just a quick snack” picked up from the fast food drive through – usually a meal’s worth (or more) of calories, fat and sodium, not to mention highly, highly processed.
We grew up eating this way. I can barely remember fruit being out at our home, maybe a lonely brown banana from time to time (who ate the rest of them? Who knows!) We snacked on chips, bagels and soda. Empty, empty, empty.
When I started changing my life, started living for a healthier future, I made this simple change. No more buying that kind of processed foods. I recognize now how horrible they make me feel, how empty they are, just a filler.
Now I am proud that my family goes to the kitchen for a snack and they grab from the fruit bowl. When I know I will be out and about for awhile between meals, I pack a quick baggie of almonds, maybe some baby carrots and grab a piece of fruit. I always keep a baggie of almonds in the car for those unexpected detours that life seems to offer.
Feel great about what you eat, feel the difference it makes in your life.
Feel proud about the example you are setting for your children also…they will thank you for it later, I promise. 🙂
This is the fast food we are meant to eat – perfectly designed, portioned and packaged, just for you! Eat up!

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