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Low-Glycemic Eating – The benefits of this healthy lifestyle

Do you want

  • Sustained energy
  • No blood sugar spikes/crashes
  • Better chances at weight loss or healthy weight management
  • Less hunger
  • To stay fuller longer
  • Mental clarity and focus
  • To have a healthy tummy and digestion, less bloating
  • To have less belly fat
  • Lessen inflammation in our body..therefore possibly lessening your chances for diet-related chronic disease
  • Improved mood
  • To stop counting calories and enjoy appropriate amounts of healthy food instead
Who wouldn’t want all of these effects? The best part is, it is actually very easy to do!
A low-glycemic diet is what I follow, helped me to lose 100 pounds and keep it off. I find when I stop eating the low-glycemic way, I end up putting back on a few pounds, especially in the tummy. I experience tummy and digestion issues and my blood sugar spikes/crashes come back full force.
What are some low-glycemic foods? Here is a link. The link is from a South Beach Diet website, it is very comprehensive!
Does this mean you can’t eat potatoes, pasta, bread, etc.? No. I just wouldn’t eat them every day and definitely watch your portion sizes! You can have a sandwich on a good quality homemade or store bought bread (no sugars, no artificial ingredients, only a few ingredients you recognize – entirely “whole”) with some fresh turkey and maybe some cheese to lessen the glycemic load. I would limit pasta to only a couple of times a week. Potatoes? Same thing, not often – they do have wonderful health benefits as well – but keep the portion appropriate and make sure it is with some protein and fat.
Whole grains and higher carbohydrate vegetables are still nutritious, have been shown to reduce your cancer and disease risk and we should always strive for a wide variety of foods from all food groups. There is a place for all of these in a healthy diet, just not every day and always in appropriate amounts. Think of the Mediterranean Diet…this is for the most part a low-glycemic diet. Some of the longest living humans eat a diet similar to the Mediterranean Diet….there must be something right there!
The keys:
  • Eat often – every 2-4 hours depending on your activity level.
  • Eat BEFORE you get hungry, if at all possible
  • Split your meals into two smaller snacks instead of loading up one huge meal
  • If you are eating some whole grain pasta or beans, make sure it is a portion, about 1/2 cup, no more than that (unless you are a larger male). Always eat it in combination with some protein and a bit of healthy fat so the effects on your blood sugar are lessened.
  • Find other sources of healthy carbohydrates and whole grains that are lower on the glycemic index to use instead of just brown rice/pasta/potatoes/bread every day.
  • Don’t think of evening snacks as necessarily having to be sweet. What may satisfy your urge to nosh – and I believe in feeding that urge if it has been awhile since you have eaten, you won’t go to bed for awhile and you have eaten healthy all day and moved your body – may simply be a bit of cheese and some almonds, or a handful of pistachio’s. Try this first before giving in to ice cream!
  • Be prepared. I cannot stress menu planning enough! It helps you be organized, shop for and keep in the house only what you need and can even help you save money!
Check out Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory food pyramid…it is a great source of information!
My menu plan coming soon, “Menu’s by Mesa de Vida” will be mainly low-glycemic. Keep an eye out for it! I’ve been writing menu plans for clients with specific dietary needs for several years now…I believe in having a vibrant, varied, exciting, healthy and delicious menu every week! That way you can enjoy special meals out from time to time and not have to worry about “blowing you diet”. You just go right back to your way of eating the next day. 🙂
If you need help with cravings and want to start fresh, I can point you in the direction of a 5-day RESET that is absolutely amazing. It is low-glycemic, helps you get rid of your cravings in 5 days and get back on the road to health! Email me at for more information!
Here are some sources to educate yourself about low-glycemic eating:
I hope to continue providing you recipes and tips to bring more life to your table…Enjoy!

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