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Our Freaky Halloween Feast – What Are You Brewing For Halloween Dinner?

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to share some of the pictures from our Halloween celebration this past weekend. We had a Body Buffet! Gory, gross, over the top – yep it was! All in the name of fun. 🙂

No, not very healthy either, well most of it, but the kids enjoyed it and the display was a hit. I got most of my ideas from Pinterest of course!

Share what you will be serving up to your ghouls and boys tonight!

"Blood" splattered devil-ish cupcakes


This one was disgusting! Ribs and little smokies in BBQ sauce, great centerpiece!

Yuck again! The kid loved this! Homemade guacamole displayed, well, like vomit!

Burned hand - actually cheese dip with broiled cheese!

1st part of the body buffet - punch with floating guts (jello), a floating brain experiment in a jar behind that, the guacamole...

The 2nd half of the Body Buffet

An assortment of witches fingers! (Stuffed peppers and breadsticks)

Happy Halloween!

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