Are you making a resolution to live a healthier lifestyle? Mesa de Vida cooking sauces, healthy, real-food recipes, and healthy living tools can help!

This is a slightly more personal note, but it is the foundation upon which Mesa de Vida was founded. If it fits where you are in your life right now I look forward to connecting with you more!

Resolutions – are you making them for 2018? 

Eating well, feeling well. Creating and modeling a new healthy family legacy. That was the promise/resolution I made to myself several years ago. It allowed me to kick high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and 100 pounds to the curb.

It wasn’t about how I looked anymore, it became about my health, honoring and cherishing my body. Loving myself, no matter what size or shape my body decided was most comfortable. Loving myself, finding what real food amounts and combinations made me feel my best. Loving myself, allowing myself to enjoy real food indulgences and rest without guilt. Loving myself, so my kids would grow up with a healthier relationship with food and appreciation for the shape their own bodies are.

Balance. New traditions.

Three things became our new norm:

1) Family dinners as often as possible.
2) Meal planning – helps with being prepared, and even helps with the budget!
3) Cooking with my kids as often as possible so they would be comfortable in the kitchen and grow to become intuitive cooks.

I hope that Mesa de Vida can be a part of your healthy, happy 2018! With our healthy cooking sauces & flavor bases that make cooking delicious meals that fit into a multitude of lifestyles simple, recipes to help you look like a healthy kitchen rock star, our lifestyle section that has free menu planning downloads and more, we are here to help you create healthier family legacies!

Our company resolution for 2018 is to be more than just products on the shelf or ingredients in your meals. We aim to be an ingredient in your life as well! We will be adding more products (what regional cooking sauce/flavor base would YOU like to see?), and more benefits and services to help you live your best, most delicious life!

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I look forward to connecting with you more! 


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