How to cook with Mesa de Vida

Create amazing meals in less time
with fewer ingredients.

Use a little, or use a lot!

Sauté, simmer, season, slow cook and more with our versatile gourmet global flavor bases.

Use as a recipe starter.

1 jar of Mesa de Vida sauce flavors meals that make approximately 4-8 servings.

Seasoning Sauce

By the spoonful, each jar of sauce contains approximately 12-18 servings. Whisk in to eggs, mix into meatballs or meatloaf, add to water for cooking grains, and more.

Use as a flavor base.

Use as an all-natural recipe starter for soups, chili and stews.

Slow cooker sauce & Instant Pot sauce

Use in your slow cooker or pressure cooker to make a juicy, flavorful creation.

Pop & pour

Have a recipe that starts with chopped aromatic vegetables, and a cabinet full of spices? Swap in Mesa de Vida instead!

Swap for dried out spices.

Add a spoon or two to anything that you’re cooking as a seasoning sauce instead of dried spice blends to add fresh, vibrant, global gourmet flavor! Bring life to rice, grains, leftover rotisserie chicken, or bone broth.

Simmer sauce, braising sauce, roasting sauce.

Spoon onto veggies and meat before sautéing, roasting or braising for exciting meals in minutes.

Marinate, grill, & glaze.

Use as a flavorful, globally inspired, no-sugar, low-sodium marinade or glaze.

Making a meal? #MakeItWithMesadeVida!

Making a meal?


Mesa de Vida sauces are extremely low in sodium, add salt to your own taste.  When you're using the power-packed flavor of Mesa de Vida global gourmet cooking and seasoning sauces, you'll find you need a lot less.

Once you start cooking with Mesa de Vida, you'll find more and more ways to use it!

Bring Life To Your Table.

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