As many of us begin fixing our attention on the new year and possible goals and resolutions, some areas of common focus may be to eat healthier, to get finances in order, or to be more organized. In fact, living a healthier lifestyle and saving money / spending less money are in the top 5 of every list we found surveying people and their New Year’s Resolutions!

What if we could change one habit to accomplish all of these? Read on!

Menu planning is an effective, economical way to accomplish healthy goals for you and your family. Here are just a few benefits from sitting down once a week to plan menus and shopping lists:

~ Fewer impromptu stops for fast food

~ Fewer impulse buys at the supermarket (rarely our healthiest choices!)

~ Anticipation of favorite meals

~ Decreased food budget

~ More time with family and friends!mesa de vida planning

As if these weren’t enough, we have a list of even more benefits here.

The reasons we plan menus weekly is because a week’s worth of appointments is the easiest amount of time to organize and keep in our heads. Also, weekly routines have more success of creating new habits. When we deliberately plan our meals, we are setting the intention to take care of and honor our bodies. We dedicate a little time up front to save much time and money in the long run, thereby allowing us to focus on health and enjoyment. (“Enjoying life to the fullest” was also on every Top 5 Resolution List!)

If one of your goals in 2017 is to be healthier, it makes sense to start with the food you eat, so what better way to ensure that happens than by planning for it!

Many successful meal planners allot a time on Sundays to gather favorite recipes and look at the calendar to arrange meals around events and meetings. While planning what to have, you can also make your grocery list so you’ll be ready to shop for the week. This will mean fewer trips to the store and fewer unused items in the pantry. Bonus points for using what’s already in your pantry to plan your week’s meals!

Our suggestion: Start with one of our recipes, including one of our healthy and delicious sauces, and make enough for leftovers!

Having the goal and making it happen are often two very different things. But we would love to help you succeed at one or more of your objectives to live a healthier life. We would also love to hear ideas that have worked for you!