“Would you rather learn more about what’s in your food sooner, later, or never?” (Read more on the news from the FDA in this Forbes article, including links to the FDA messages, the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s response and more.)

The FDA has extended, with no implementation date in site, the new labeling rules. This would have been the first labeling requirement updates in 20 years, and provide more transparency for consumers.

Mesa de Vida isn’t waiting until they implement the new rules – I’ve already implemented the new design as well as the added sugars (we have 0) information. I will also be implementing the recommended potassium, vitamin D and fiber information on my next batches of sauces as well.

Why? Because, I know you care about what’s in your food and you want to make the best choice for your family. I’m a mom too, and this is important to me as well. I want to know if the sugar in the product I’m buying is from fruit or vegetables, not added sugars. I want to know if the fiber or protein in the product I’m buying is from real food, not added “food grade products”.

I don’t believe there is any “bad” food, we all make the best choices for our pocket books, our time, our health goals, heck, even for our cravings. 😉 I just believe we should have the right to know what we are getting when we buy a product.

I committed before I even launched this brand that I would be my customer’s advocate and provide the healthiest, best tasting products out there. I require every single ingredient provider (my products only contain fresh vegetables, fruit, vinegar, lime/lemon juice, whole ground spices, Tamari soy for our Caribbean sauce) to provide letters stating their non-GMO status, and I make sure they are companies with the highest standards out there.

This results in me bypassing producers that don’t meet my standards, may be cheaper, but in the end I truly care about what I put out there to the world, and the health of everyone that I have a part in feeding.

I’m proud of the clean labels on Mesa de Vida products, and I vow to you I will always provide the highest quality, best tasting products to help you live your healthiest, most delicious and vibrant life! You can find my 100% transparent and 100% all natural ingredient list here. And if you ever have any questions, reach out to me directly, I’ll always answer honest and prompt. I’m here to help you live the healthiest, most delicious life, allowing you to celebrate daily at YOUR table of life.

~Chef Kirsten