And A Serious Love Of
Good Food


As a busy mom with an endless to do list, I was dependent on processed food.

By the time I reached 25, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and prediabetes.  But one day, as I watched my 2-year-old daughter play, I knew if I continued down this path, she would follow in my footsteps.  I needed to create a new family legacy – for myself and for her.

Growing up, healthy meant extreme.  It was equated with exercise gurus and trendy diets. Considering my family’s history of heart disease, I wasn’t sure where to start.  We loved food and flavor, so food had to be tasty.  All of the diets I had tried over the years were making me sicker.  The food was terrible.  I knew I had to go a different direction.  I began studying cultures from around the world where people were the healthiest and lived the longest.  The common thread among them was they ate real food.

I began by clearing out my cupboards, by eating real food.  I focused on a healthy lifestyle, not a number on the scale, and I “accidentally” lost over 100 pounds.  I finally realized healthy could mean balanced. I was living proof! I knew it was my mission to help others.

Chef Kirsten Helle Sandoval, creator of Mesa de Vida

In addition, I’m a mom to two children that have a rare genetic condition that brings with it 100% chance of colon cancer by the time they are close to 40, as well as increased risk of other cancers.  I’m also a living kidney donor. I am a fierce believer that food is medicine, and I wanted to make products that are in alignment with that…and make it easier to live a healthier lifestyle.

Since then, my journey has led me becoming a personal chef to professional athletes, appearing on the Food Network, the cover of Woman’s Day and Woman’s World magazines, radio shows, and more.  Being so busy, and working with so many people, I began to notice how inconvenient, not to mention expensive, it seemed to achieve balance between healthy eating and living the full, beautifully chaotic lives many of us live!

Lacking the time and energy to cook a healthy meal seemed to be a common theme for just about everyone.

Prior to studying cooking, and the vibrant cuisines from around the world where many of my clients came from, I used to rely on salty, dried packet spice blends, or sugar, salt (and often chemical) laden sauces to achieve the global flavors I loved and admired.  I found that to achieve the flavors I wanted in a healthy, authentic way, I had to often prep tons of ingredients, and spend a small fortune on pure spices and herbs. I had been perfecting my Latin sofrito, not only to flavor my dishes, but also to sneak more nutrition into some of my picky players.  I found the natural balance provided by fresh vegetables and fruits, combined with pure spice blends really allowed the flavors to bloom. I had created something quite special and delicious.

My clients agreed.  I tailored the spices and vegetables around their individual cultural backgrounds. Now, I bring them a taste of home and honor their culture, while continually meeting their healthy needs.

After a day of cooking for others, I longed for these healthy cooking sauces and flavor bases in my own cupboard.  How amazing it would be to have something quick, healthy and flavorful on hand to make dinner for my own family! I knew I couldn’t the only one with this need.

And thus, Mesa de Vida was born.

My Table To Yours


Delicious. Simple. Versatile.

Mesa de Vida sauces contain all the vegetables and spices you need.  It’s perfect for those who don’t have time to create a complicated meal.  Plus, get step-by-step recipes to prepare your home cooked creation in minutes and make it last for several meals throughout your busy week.  You’ll feel like a gourmet chef – without the work! Mesa de Vida will save you time and money while expanding your palate and allowing you to create more vibrant and delicious lives.

Flavor You Can Trust

Mesa de Vida healthy cooking sauces are all-natural and low sodium.  Made simply with nutritious vegetables, fruits, and my signature blends of balanced spices and herbs, Mesa de Vida is free of GMOs, added sugars, preservatives and dairy.  Containing no animal products they are perfect for vegan lifestyles, as well.  Families with allergies and dietary needs can now enjoy the same meal.

Our globally inspired, versatile flavor bases make it easy to enjoy the flavors of beautiful, vibrant cultures from around the world.  You don’t have to be a chef to bring exciting, restaurant-worthy meals to your table.  We’ll make you look like a kitchen rock star!

Experience incredible flavor, less stress in your day, and a healthy way to find balance – all in one jar.  That’s what Mesa de Vida is all about.


Mesa de Vida is proud to be a 100% woman, minority owned and operated family food business.