"I tried your Smoky Latin cooking sauce and Oh My Gosh it was so good! I sautéed chicken by just pouring the sauce over as it cooked, then just served it over white rice. It was so good! Amazing stuff!"

Kathy, La Maison Cooking School, Yakima, WA

"BEST Tortilla Soup ever!!! I made it last night from your recipe using the Smoky Latin sauce! AMAZING!!! We loved it!!"

Mindy, Edmond, WA

“I love the Mesa de Vida sauces! I use them on everything, it is so good!”

Patricia, Monroe, WA

“I really like Mesa de Vida sauces. They are super easy. I put my chicken in the crock pot, put the sauce in and it was done! It was delicious!”

Katherine, Seattle, WA

“One of the best sauces I’ve ever tried. I could not be happier with the outcome of my dishes.”

Audra, Duvall, WA

“The flavor is fantastic. The fact that they are gluten free, dairy free...makes me feel really good about what I cook for my family. I love them all!”

Theresa, Edmonds, WA

"As a nurse who works long shifts, I love that Mesa de Vida sauces provide me with quick, easy and most of all, nutritious meals! The sauces are made from REAL food and spices, are made with love, and made without preservatives, too much salt or suspect ingredients. My favorite is the North African Inspired Harissa sauce, and I know that using it in meals will deliver amazing, home cooked flavor without all the work or unwanted ingredients."

Janelle, Seattle, WA

“Oh My Gosh, the Smoky Latin sauce smells AMAZING! This sauce is 5 stars, my entire family loves it! Even my 11 year old son, who is very picky, loved it so I know it’s good! He said ‘this sauce is delicious. I’d eat that any time!’ Thank you so much!”

Shyla, Temecula, CA