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Creole Cooking and Seasoning Sauce

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Mesa de Vida Creole Cooking & Seasoning Sauce helps you cook amazing Creole inspired meals in less time with fewer ingredients!

About our Creole cooking sauce: Creole is a Louisiana cuisine with a rich blend of French, Spanish, and West African inspiration. This is the flavor base to build all of your savory dishes. Bring savory exotic flair to your dinner table when you use this concentrated flavor base for an easy weeknight gumbo, etouffée or one-pot jambalaya. Perhaps you’re in the mood for a Martinique-inspired chicken or fish recipe, or use it as a flavorful slow cooker sauce to jazz up a simple pot roast or meatloaf.

Gourmet Creole simmer sauce, healthy Creole seasoning, and so much more.

Add exciting Creole flavor to anything you make! Mesa de Vida Creole Cooking Sauce & Seasoning Sauce will help you cook your favorite Creole inspired meals, whether you're hosting a dinner party with friends, or making quick Creole favorites at home any night of the week in less time with fewer ingredients!

You can enjoy global gourmet meals even on your busiest weeknight with Mesa de Vida gourmet cooking sauces!

Creole flavors bring life to the simplest of ingredients including pork, chicken, seafood, rice, vegetables, and beans...but don’t let that limit your imagination. You can bring the glorious flavors of Creole cuisine to just about anything you’d like to cook with Mesa de Vida.


Made with just vegetables, fruit, spices and herbs, perfectly blended and waiting to bring life to your table! As with all of our Whole30 Approved cooking sauces, our Creole blend is a delicious low sodium Creole sauce and seasoning, and has zero added sugar. Adjust salt and hot sauce to your own tastes when cooking. Most people find our Creole cooking sauce medium-hot.

How to use Mesa de Vida Whole30 Approved cooking and seasoning sauce:

Use a little, or use a lot! Use a spoonful or two when whisking up eggs, cooking protein, vegetables, or grains as a fresher, healthier, delicious alternative to salty dried spice blends. Or use the whole jar as a recipe starter for meals that make 4-8 servings. Our vegetable-based cooking sauces are the ultimate kitchen hack to amazing global gourmet meals!

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Discover easy, healthy Creole inspired recipes that will #BringLifeToYourTable!

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