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North African Cooking and Seasoning Sauce

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About our North African cooking sauce: Transport yourself to Tangier with a tasting tour in Marrakech and Casablanca along the way. The only thing you won’t need are the myriad of aromatic vegetables, spices and herbs that go into creating the intoxicating flavor base of these vibrant cuisines.

Healthy North African simmer sauce, gourmet North African seasoning, and so much more.

Add exciting North African flavor to anything you make! Everything you need for Moroccan inspiration is already chef-blended for you, in one jar, ready to bring life to your next meal. From Shakshouka, to an incredible Tagine, a phenomenal slow-cooker stew and more, the possibilities of amazing meals made with Mesa de Vida's concentrated North African cooking and seasoning sauce are truly endless.

Bold, flavorful, exquisitely balanced and complex, our North African cooking sauce helps you bring the flavor of Morocco to your table, whether you're preparing a menu for a fabulous dinner party centered around an exquisite tagine, or simply making freezer meal kits that satisfy your gourmet palate.

North African flavors bring life to the simplest of ingredients including beef, lamb, chicken, potatoes, rice, couscous, and vegetables...but don’t let that limit your imagination. You can bring the glorious flavors of North African cuisine to just about anything you’d like to cook with Mesa de Vida.

What are you going to cook first? Discover all of our North African inspired recipes here!


Mesa de Vida healthy global gourmet cooking and seasoning sauces are made with just vegetables, fruit, spices and herbs, perfectly blended and waiting to bring life to your table! As with all of our Whole30 Approved cooking sauces, they are low sodium sauces and seasonings, and have zero added sugar. Adjust salt and hot sauce to your own tastes when cooking. Most people find our North African cooking sauce to be extremely mild and approachable for all tastes.

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