Picadillo is a simple,tasty recipe that is sure to bring life to your table!

How to make Picadillo

Picadillo is a dish that is common across Latin America and even the Philippines. I find most often it is a Cuban inspired dish. The base is meat,  rich seasoning, a tangy sofrito and often raisins, olives or capers are added. The beauty is you can totally make this dish your own by cutting back on the meat and adding potatoes, cutting out the raisins if your family isn’t into the sweet-savory combination (which I think is amazing), swapping the ground beef for turkey, ground chicken, tofu or tempeh.

With Mesa de Vida Smoky Latin inspired healthy cooking sauce, all of the seasoning (and even a full servings of vegetables!)  you need to make this delicious dish are ready to pour on, saute and have an incredible meal to bring life to your table!

How to make Picadillo

Serves 4-6, serve with beans, rice, potatoes or a simple salad for a complete meal!

Healthy oil/fat of your choice, optional

1 lb lean ground meat of your choice (Beef is traditional, but ground turkey/lamb/chicken work as well, tofu will work too! You can also add in some cooked chopped potatoes if you like.)

1 jar Mesa de Vida Smoky Latin inspired healthy cooking sauce

Salt to taste

3 Tb raisins

1/2 cup chopped/sliced olives or 3 Tb capers

Heat a large saute pan over medium-high heat, when hot add oil, swirl to coat. Add the meat, cooking sauce and salt to the pan. Stir often, breaking up the meat, cook until the meat is fully cooked and the sauce is nice and thick. Lower the heat to low and stir in the raisins and olive/capers. Simmer for 2 more minutes. Serve and enjoy!
P.S. Your kitchen is going to smell SO. Good.