Mesa de Vida sauces are not salsas or finishing sauces, they are versatile COOKING sauces. They are DEFINITELY not meant to be eaten straight out of the jar. 🙂 (Just like you wouldn’t eat a whole spoonful of a spice blend.)


They are made with concentrated whole ground spices, vinegar and lemon/lime juices, along with all of the vegetables and herbs, and are only simmered for less than a few minutes prior to jarring up. When you cook with them the flavor mellows and balances out, making your kitchen smell amazing, and makes YOU look like a gourmet chef!


I always give this disclaimer: When you try the sauces raw, it’s like biting into an onion, or eating a spoonful of a whole ground spices, raw vs. cooked. The flavor completely changes when you cook them, and they are meant to season an entire meal. 


You can use a whole jar for a lot of flavor, or just a few spoonfuls for a milder flavor. See our How to Use page for helpful information, and of course, our recipe library for ideas!