🎶“Pour some sugar on me…” 🎵

How about that BBQ slow cooked pulled pork? Just 1 cup of America’s favorite BBQ sauce (oh, you know we add WAY more than that to the recipe) has almost 27 TEASPOONS OF SUGAR. More than 2 3/4 cans of soda.

How much sugar are you pouring on your food?

Slow cooker sauces, cooking sauces, marinades, grilling glazes, etc. So many of them are basically flavored water with salt and sugar loaded into them.

You deserve better – better flavor AND better nutrition!

Mesa de Vida healthy cooking sauces are made simply with concentrated vegetables, fruit, whole ground PURE spices and herbs – they boost the flavor AND nutrition of your recipes! They are low in sodium and have ZERO added sugar. 👍

With flavors inspired by vibrant cultures from around the globe they help you cook healthier, more exciting meals at home, more often – simply.

So, instead of that slow cooker full of simmering sugar and meat, go for a Smoky Latin or Caribbean pulled pork for your sandwiches instead!

Instead of slathering on a glaze of sugar, salt and low-quality spices, make your own incredible Moroccan glaze by adding a bit of honey or agave to a bit of our North African cooking sauce. You’ll have super flavorful grilled meats and vegetables that won’t leave you swollen and running for the nearest antacid.

OUR healthy cooking sauces are concentrated flavor bases made with 100% real food goodness – you’re not paying for flavored water.