You’re busy, you want healthier meals at home more often, and you don’t want to sacrifice anything.

Juggling career, family, and kids, staying healthy is important. But it often feels complicated, requiring time and energy you simply don’t have, so that fast food trip happens slightly more frequently than you care to admit.

And you keep wondering: can healthy be made simple? Does it require a kitchen full of ingredients, multiple pots, timers and temperatures going at once?
Even worse, does healthy really just mean boring?



Mesa de Vida is your delicious answer to
healthy made simple.

Each  of our flavor-packed jars of concentrated cooking sauces allows you to cut out at least 15 different ingredients (including a myriad of very expensive whole ground spices)  from your dinner prep! We’ve masterfully prepared these exciting flavor bases for you to enjoy – without sacrificing health or flavor.

Next time you’re making a meal, think about how you can #MakeItWithMesadeVida! 

No chopping, no cabinet full of spices and herbs. It’s that simple. It’s that healthy.
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Deliciously Healthy

Mesa de Vida delivers flavors inspired by vibrant cultures from around the world right to your kitchen.  Chef-created blends of balanced spices and herbs packed with nutrition, without sacrificing flavor and always bringing life to your table.


Flavor You Can Trust

Crafted simply with nutritious vegetables, fruits, and signature blends of balanced spices and herbs, Mesa de Vida is free of GMOs, added sugars, preservatives, dairy, gluten, and animal products. Most of our sauces are nut and soy free, so all families can sit down to the same delicious meal.

But don’t let that fool you – these concentrated flavor bases are packed with flavor. 


Dinner Done Better

All-natural recipe starter for soups, chili and stews.  Saute with a few ingredients for exciting meals in minutes. Simmer with grains, beans, or meat. Use in your slow cooker for a juicy, tender creation. Marinate meat, vegetables, or tofu.  Create a low-sugar glaze. Follow our step-by-step recipes, or make your own creation. The possibilities are truly endless.



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