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Healthy global gourmet cooking & seasoning sauces.

How many of the most cherished moments in your life involve food?  The table is a place where we celebrate, we connect. In other cultures, this happens on a daily basis.  Sharing a vibrant meal together is a gift.  Mesa de Vida’s globally inspired gourmet cooking and seasoning sauces help you create amazing meals in less time with fewer ingredients.  Each sauce is handcrafted using healthy fruits, vegetables and all-natural spices.  Mesa de Vida is our gift to you! 


Healthy, exciting, delicious real food – simply.

Created by Chef Kirsten, she lost over 100 pounds when she set out to create a healthy new family legacy.  Like millions of others, she didn’t want to rely on the salt, sugar (and often chemical) laden sauces and dried spice blend packets that she grew up with to achieve the global flavors that she loved and admired.  As a personal chef to professional athletes, she developed these healthy flavor bases for her clients. After a day of cooking for others, she longed for these convenient, flavorful blends in her own pantry, and thus, Mesa de Vida was born!



Whole30?  Gluten free?  Paleo?  Heart Healthy?  Vegan?  Vegetarian?  Flexitarian?  Mesa de Vida healthy cooking & seasoning sauces are all-natural and low sodium.  Made simply with nutritious vegetables, fruits, and our signature blends of balanced spices and herbs, Mesa de Vida is free of GMOs, added sugars, preservatives and dairy.  Containing no animal products, they are also perfect for vegan lifestyles. Families with allergies and dietary needs can now eat the same meal!  



Our goal is to bring the inspiration of beautiful, vibrant cultures from around the world to your table.  Use our flavor bases as an all-natural recipe starter for soups, chili and stews. Saute with a few ingredients for exciting meals in minutes.  Simmer with meat, beans or grains. Use in your slow cooker or pressure cooker for a juicy, tender creation. Create a low-sugar glaze. Instead of seasoning packets or dried spice blends that have just one use, the possibilities with our concentrated cooking sauces are truly endless.


“I was thrilled when Mesa de Vida cooking sauces effortlessly added a world of flavor to my Whole30 dinners, but then I discovered you can dip vegetables into them too. Straight from the jar. Move over, salsa, because my carrot sticks and snap peas just found a new best 
Melissa Hartwig, Whole30 Co-Founder & CEO

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